Non-Interlock Preaction System

The Globe Model RCW non-interlock preaction valve is a hydraulically operated external resetting differential latching style valve designed for use where quick-opening and total flooding of sprinkler system piping is desired. The Model RCW non-interlock preaction valve is used as an automatic water control valve in non-interlock preaction applications. The Model RCW non-interlock preaction valve serves as the primary water control valve installed in the water supply to a noninterlock preaction sprinkler system incorporating automatic sprinklers with supervisory air monitoring the integrity of the system piping.

Setting of the Model RCW non-interlock preaction valve requires water in the pressure chamber being maintained on the plunger rod. The pressure on the plunger rod which keeps the latch against the clapper closed keeps the supply water from entering the sprinkler system piping. Water pressure is provided to the pressure chamber through a connection to the main water supply at a point upstream of the system main control valve. This connection also supplies water pressure up to the solenoid valve, and to a dry pilot actuator. In the standby condition, the valve is normally closed and will automatically activate (trip) upon the activation of the detection system, which may be electrical or mechanical in nature depending on the type of system, or an operation of an automatic sprinkler as a result of a fire condition. The RCW valve may also be operated by means of a manual release, which is provided in the trim of all non-interlock preaction valve trim configurations, to override the automatic detection system.