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Valves: Preaction Double Interlock Systems: Accessories: Model GDPA and GDPA-LP

The Globe Model GDPA or GDPA-LP Dry Pilot Actuator may be utilized in several trim arrangements including; Dry, Dry Pilot Deluge, Single Interlock Preaction Dry Pilot, Non-Interlock, and Double Interlock Preaction Electric/Pneumatic. The primary function of the Model GDPA and GDPA-LP is to allow water pressure to be relieved from the Model RCW pressure chamber. This drop of pressure in the pressure chamber will cause the lever arm mechanism along with the roller arm assembly to retract to allow free movement of the clapper assembly. The pressure from the supply forces the clapper assembly upward and water is allowed to flow into the system piping.

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Model GDPA Dry Pilot Actuator