Jun 21st, 2018

Globe is sponsoring the ASPE/SFPE presentation on June 21st for the final ASPE New York Chapter meeting before the summer break, a joint meeting with the SFPE and ASHRAE at the Italian American Community Center. You are NOT going to want to miss this!


Presentation topic : NFPA 13 Design Approaches

- Identify the denition of responsible charge in the design of a sprinkler system.

-Dene engineer vs. contractor responsibilities for the design of automatic sprinkler systems.

-Identify design approaches for Construction Documents applied to NFPA 13.

-Establish levels of contractor competency for degree of complexity of your project.

-Use a case study for the application of design approaches to NFPA 13.

-Answer the question - What is the right level of re protection design to optimize

install cost?