Brazilian Congress of Sprinklers

Oct 22nd, 2018

Globe is sponsoring and exhibiting at The CBSpk - Brazilian Congress of Sprinklers. The event is a technical forum that allows the consolidation of a space for discussion among important speakers, companies, professionals and public agents about the sprinkler market in Brazil. In its third edition, thematic programming emphasizes changes in federal fire safety, prevention, and control legislation in commercial, industrial and residential areas.


This new context entails the reorganization of the entire segment to meet the market demand and to advance in the best corporate practices, confirming the competence of those involved in the challenges of growth. Brazil today is aligned with countries that improve safety legislation in fire fighting and the sprinkler segment is the protagonist of this new reality.


INITIATIVE AND ACHIEVEMENT Since 2011, ABSpk - Brazilian Sprinklers Association brings together the main companies and professionals that work in the installation of fire protection systems that have water as an extinguishing agent. In order to expand the national market, the entity promotes discussions among the representations of the sector, disseminates technical information to direct clients and dialogues with society, believing that the safety of lives, brands and assets is a fundamental issue for citizenship and business.


Consolidating the credibility of the national sprinkler market is the goal that drives ABSpk's actions. Therefore, it promotes the importance of generating technical and marketing subsidies for manufacturers, designers, installers, distributors, insurers and other companies involved in the process of installing fire protection systems. The entity is internationally recognized for the continuous effort to professionalize and represent the sprinkler market in Brazil.


MAIN TOPICS Norms, legislation, civil and criminal liability; Sprinkler technology; Design and installation of sprinklers; Initiatives to disseminate the use of sprinklers; Fire protection in historic buildings; Experience of fire brigades with sprinklers.