SFPE Missouri-Kansas Chapter Meeting

Mar 7th, 2019

Globe's Karl Wiegand, P.E. Technical Education and Research Engineer to present on "What's Up in the Attic" about Globe's attic protection system, using up to 70% less water to protect the Owner's attic.




The Globe Specific Application Attic Protection Scheme has undergone full scale fire testing with Underwriters Laborato­ries and is Listed to be utilized per NFPA 13 in conformance with the New Technology and Equivalency Sections as well as the Special Sprinkler Section.

The Globe Specific Application Attic Protection Scheme has been engineered to consider all construction conditions typically found in the attic built environment. The scheme utilizes a unique strategy with two distinct types of special sprinklers. The positioning and use of these sprinklers in conjunction with each other, and their complimentary ef­fects on fire control has been carefully considered for these specific Attic structure hazards. Consequently, the required number of sprinklers to calculate and system demand is drastically reduced from that seen with standard protec­tion schemes or even the more recent Special Application schemes.


Per NFPA 13
(standard spray sprinkler)
Specific Application Attic Sprinklers
NEW Specific Application DS/RE
Dry System
300 gpm - 500+ gpm 340 gpm - 400 gpm 120 - 140+ gpm
Wet System
150 gpm - 250 gpm 250 gpm - 300 gpm 100 - 120+ gpm
Anticipated system demands consider non-maximum sprinkler spacing
due to construction and estimated over discharge piping system.