Globe Attic Sprinklers Use Dramatically Less Water

Jun 7th, 2018
Globe Attic Sprinklers Use Dramatically Less Water

Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation has introduced a new attic sprinkler protection scheme that offers compliant protection with far less water – which can lower total system demand and cost. Attic system demands can drive the size of system risers, underground and feed mains for an entire project.

Globe's new attic protection scheme strategically locates specifically designed sprinklers to optimize appropriate sprinkler activation, resulting in significantly reduced total system demands.

“By rethinking the placement of sprinklers in the attic space, we’ve developed a way to significantly reduce attic water demand,” commented Globe New Technology VP Kevin Maughan.

In testing, the Globe system has been shown to be effective using as much as 70 percent less water than traditional attic systems. “This means an installed system will require less water, smaller pipe diameters and smaller dry valves,” says Maughan, “all of which can add up to substantial savings.”

The Model GL-SS/RE Ridge/Eave (GL5620) is available in 200F with brass frame/chrome deflector:

Part Number: 562020001                           List Price: $160.00                                             

The Model GL-SS/DS Downslope (GL5621) is available in 200F brass finish (562120001):

Part Number: 562120001                           List Price: $160.00


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