Globe's Universal Manifold Check Facilitates FPS Technologies's Growth

Jan 21st, 2019
Globe's Universal Manifold Check Facilitates FPS Technologies's Growth

FPS Technologies is an Oklahoma-based fire protection and safety consulting firm that originally focused on the inspection, testing, and maintenance of Sprinkler Systems and Pre-Engineered Systems. Globe's Universal Manifold Check (UMC) has enabled it to aggressively grow the new construction portion of its business by stacking risers and 'getting out fast'.

“Our riser rooms are our signature; a point of pride. The Globe UMC helps keep our installations clean, tight, and neat," said Kris Pettigrew, CET, President of FPS Technologies Inc. "I like the quality of the product and the value it delivers. We can’t beat the simplicity of the UMC installation."

The UMC is designed with value engineering in mind with features including its removable cover plate. Servicing the UMC is simple and gets the floor control system quickly back online. Contractors don't have to be concerned about missing a component when placing an order due to its all-in-one design.

“It’s good to work with a manufacturer that’s coming up with new ideas, and with a distributor that gives us the local service and support I need to keep my company growing," said Pettigrew.

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About Globe Fire Sprinkler

Globe Fire Sprinkler is a family owned fire sprinkler manufacturer, headquartered in Michigan. We celebrated 100 years of continuous production of Globe Sprinklers and Valves in 2014; the Globe name has persisted in its enduring identity since the introduction of the first Globe Issue "A" Sprinkler in 1914. Globe developed the earliest lever-fulcrum dry pipe valve, Globe Save All center strut sprinklers, and eventually became the first US company to utilize 5mm and 3mm Glass Bulbs in its commercial and residential sprinklers. Its modern era began in 1988 with the guidance and dedication of Golden Sprinkler Award recipient Robert Worthington, P.E. until his passing in 2016. The Worthington family continues to own and operate Globe, under the leadership of Steven Worthington and a team of some of the industry's most seasoned professionals. Globe's heritage as a leading sprinkler manufacturer is reflected in the introductions of the RCW, UM, UMC valves, and other new products the company develops to meet the demands of the world market. The company proudly maintains strong relationships with approval authorities including Underwriters Laboratories Inc, FM Approvals and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (UK). Globe has the LPCB (UK) certification for ISO 9001:2015 series Quality Assurance, therefore exhibiting proof of the quality it continuously builds into each of its 100% factory-tested products.