Michigan Manufacturing Magazine Features Globe

Sep 14th, 2018
Michigan Manufacturing Magazine Features Globe

Many manufacturers are satisfied to tweak and copy each other's products, but that's not how Globe Fire Sprinkler does business. The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) recognized Globe's ability to compete against larger 'Goliaths' through the development of game-changing products, using all of the resources at its disposal, including building lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.

Established in 1902, MMA now represents the interests and needs of nearly 2,000 member companies, ranging from small manufacturers to the world’s largest and most well-known corporations. It featured Globe Fire Sprinkler in its September 2018 issue to highlight the company's strategy and work to build more than just "stuff" -- Globe prides itself on making innovative products that save people's lives.

"When you're David facing multiple Goliaths, you have to approach what you do differently-- we're not outspending them, so we what we bring to the table must be special," said Globe President & CEO Steven Worthington. "We are responsive and proactive, we're mindful of the relationships we have with our suppliers and customers, and we put an extra emphasis on adaptability, processes, and efficiencies. For us, everything comes down to quality through innovation.”

The company recently shipped a new attic fire sprinkler system that uses up to 70% less water, drastically reducing hydraulic demand, which passes savings in materials and time onto our customers. Globe's Universal Manifold Check (UMC) continues to gain traction as more and more installers recognize the labor savings gained by consolidating a floor control system into a single product. Globe will soon be releasing more novel, new products as it continues to execute quality through innovation.


About Globe Fire Sprinkler


Globe Fire Sprinkler is a family owned fire sprinkler manufacturer, headquartered in Michigan. We celebrated 100 years of continuous production of Globe Sprinklers and Valves in 2014; the Globe name has persisted in its enduring identity since the introduction of the first Globe Issue "A" Sprinkler in 1914. Globe developed the earliest lever-fulcrum dry pipe valve, Globe Save All center strut sprinklers, and eventually became the first US company to utilize 5mm and 3mm Glass Bulbs in its commercial and residential sprinklers. Its modern era began in 1988 with the guidance and dedication of Golden Sprinkler Award recipient Robert Worthington, P.E. until his passing in 2016. The Worthington family continues to own and operate Globe, under the leadership of Steven Worthington and a team of some of the industry's most seasoned professionals. Globe's heritage as a leading sprinkler manufacturer is reflected in the introductions of the RCW, UM, UMC valves, and other new products the company develops to meet the demands of the world market. The company proudly maintains strong relationships with approval authorities including Underwriters Laboratories Inc, FM Approvals and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (UK). Globe has the LPCB (UK) certification for ISO 9001:2015 series Quality Assurance, therefore exhibiting proof of the quality it continuously builds into each of its 100% factory-tested products.