Sprinkler Age Article: Low Flow Attic System Design

Jun 21st, 2019
Sprinkler Age Article: Low Flow Attic System Design

A deeper understanding of fire science has made it possible to dramatically reduce hydraulic demand in attic systems by placing sprinklers where the fire is going 'to go', instead of a specified area. This approach achieves faster activation, reduces flow, and pipe size for installers. Globe's Karl Wiegand, PE., outlined how this can be accomplished in the latest issue of Sprinkler Age magazine.

"By looking at attic construction for what it is and addressing these attics for their unique and challenging construction features, we can utilize them to our advantage," Weigand wrote. "By doing so we can avoid imposing layout and hydraulic criteria that simply results in an overload of sprinklers and water to combat the fire. This is what makes the Globe Low Demand scheme both “better fire protection” and economical compared to past schemes."

Globe's exclusive line of attic sprinklers were designed with this concept in mind: reducing water by up to 70%. The Globe Specific Application Attic Protection Scheme has undergone full scale fire testing with Underwriters Laborato­ries and is Listed to be utilized per NFPA 13 in conformance with the New Technology and Equivalency Sections as well as the Special Sprinkler Section.

"With the staggered design pattern of the scheme, a fire that starts in the eave of the attic will either be quickly met with a Model DS sprinkler on the slope of the roof or by a Model RE as it reaches the peak," Wiegand explained. Globe will soon be expanding this line with several attic peak protection sprinklers.

The Model GL-SS/RE Ridge/Eave (GL5620) is available in 200F with brass frame/chrome deflector:

Part Number: 562020001                           List Price: $160.00                                             

The Model GL-SS/DS Downslope (GL5621) is available in 200F brass finish (562120001):

Part Number: 562120001                           List Price: $160.00


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