We're Delivering Improved Data Sheets

Apr 12th, 2019
We're Delivering Improved Data Sheets

The Globe Technical Services Team is in the process of updating the format of our technical data sheets. You will find the new format to be better organized, more informative and user-friendly.

A few of the changes include:

·       Adoption of new “Series” nomenclature in title (i.e. GL-QR, GL-SR, GL-RES etc.);

·       All associated K-Factors in Title;

·       Easily referenced Design and Installation Tables;

·       Comprehensive Part Numbers and Ordering Procedure information;

·       Updated layout, additional details, and rewritten copy.


This format change results in a more professional look and provides all required information in a single, concise document. The Residential Sprinkler Data Sheet Section is now complete and posted to our web site.  We have also combined some sprinklers into one data sheet that may have previously been found in two different data sheets. A summary of the changes to our residential data sheet section follows:

Residential Section S3:

GFS-302New Data Sheet

-        Replaces Data Sheets GFS-300; GFS-310; and GFS-320

o   Contains GL3010; 4110; 4910; 5610 (Pendent/Recessed Pendent)

GFS-332New Data Sheet

-        Replaces GFS-330; GFS-340

o   Contains GL4231; 4431 (Sidewall/Recessed Sidewall)

GFS-350Revised Data Sheet

-        New Format (Domed Concealed)

o   Contains GL4147; 4947

GFS-360Revised Data Sheet

-        New Format Data Sheet (Inch® Concealed)

o   Contains GL4906

GFS-370DELETED (Sprinkler discontinued)

-        Millennium Flush GL4248

We trust you will find these changes much more informative and user-friendly.  We encourage feedback on our new format so that we can continue to improve our Data Sheets in the future. There will be more announcements as we make similar format changes to other existing Globe Data Sheets.


Thank you for your continued support –

Kevin J. Maughan
Vice President, New Technology