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1/2" Specific Application Attic Sprinkler, Quick Response | Series GL-SS/RE Glass Bulb - 5.6 K-factor

Not all temperatures and configurations may carry all Listings and Approvals. See data sheet for conditions of specific Listings and Approvals.


The Globe Specific Application Attic Protection Scheme has undergone full scale fire testing with Underwriters Laborato­ries and is Listed to be utilized per NFPA 13 in conformance with the New Technology and Equivalency Sections as well as the Special Sprinkler Section.

The Globe Specific Application Attic Protection Scheme has been engineered to consider all construction conditions typically found in the attic built environment. The scheme utilizes a unique strategy with two distinct types of special sprinklers. The positioning and use of these sprinklers in conjunction with each other, and their complimentary ef­fects on fire control has been carefully considered for these specific Attic structure hazards. Consequently, the required number of sprinklers to calculate and system demand is drastically reduced from that seen with standard protec­tion schemes or even the more recent Special Application schemes.


(standard spray sprinkler)
Specific Application Attic Sprinklers
NEW Specific Application DS/RE
Dry System
300 gpm - 500+ gpm 340 gpm - 400 gpm 120 - 140+ gpm
Wet System
150 gpm - 250 gpm 250 gpm - 300 gpm 100 - 120+ gpm
Anticipated system demands consider non-maximum sprinkler spacing
due to construction and estimated over discharge piping system.

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The State of California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65) requires manufacturers and distributors to provide special warnings to consumers for products that contain certain chemicals. The list, which must be updated at least once a year, has grown to include approximately 900 chemicals. Examples of chemicals on the list: alcoholic beverages, lead, nickel, wood dust, and Diesel/gasoline engine exhaust. Globe Fire Sprinkler cares about our customers' safety and hopes the information provided in our Proposition 65 warnings assist with your purchasing decisions. The appropriate warning labels are required for all physical and internet sales.


Specific Application Attic Sprinkler – Ridge & Hip Areas | Series GL-SS/RE

Glass Bulb – 5.6 K-factor Specific Application Attic Space Ridge and Hip Sprinkler. Quick Response, Specific Application, Attic Space: Where quick response, specific application, ridge and hip area upright sprinklers are specified to be utilized in sloped combustible concealed light hazard attic applications they shall be of an all brass frame construction with bronze deflector. Sprinklers shall have a 3mm glass bulb thermally sensitive operating element and rated for a working pressure of 175 psi.  Sprinklers shall be installed in sloped combustible concealed attic spaces as defined by NFPA and installed and located per the requirements of the manufactures technical data sheet (GFS-650). Sprinklers shall be UL listed.  Quick response, specific application, ridge and hip area attic sprinklers shall be of the Series GL-SS/RE; as manufactured by Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation.

  • GL-SS/RE | GL5620 (Ridge & Hip Area Attic Sprinkler, Upright 5.6K, 200°F, 1/2" NPT)


 WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm –