UMC Universal Manifold Check

About this product

The revolutionary design of the new Globe UMC Universal Manifold Check can cut your installation time of floor control and shotgun riser assemblies by at least half. It integrates all the necessary components into a single assembly — resulting in the industry’s most compact footprint. The Globe UMC is available in many configurations, allowing you to order the type that meets your specific needs — and eliminates the need to order separate riser manifolds and control, check and relief valve kits.

Globe's Model QD Quick Drain, a UMC accessory, saves 1/2 the time of traditional hard piped drains, allowing for even quicker installations.

Instructional videos can be found here under the 'installation' category.

Technical Data Sheets

MODEL UMC UNIVERSAL MANIFOLD CHECK ASSEMBLY (With or Without Control Valve) 1¼", 1½", 2", 2½", 76.1mm, 3", 4",6", 165.1mm, 8"
GFV-120_20180222CM (.pdf)


Globe UM UMC Floor Control Sell Sheet.pdf (.pdf) download
Globe UM UMC Shotgun Riser Sell Sheet.pdf (.pdf) download

FAQ File

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